We Welcome all Adults and Children to Sunday Morning Education Time!

Younger Children (Age 3 through Grade 1)

Older Children (Grades 2 through 5) 
All our children study curriculum that teaches them through fun activities, music, and engaging lessons, and they learn the stories we'll talk about and read within the worship service.

Youth (Grades 6-12) 
Worship: Youth are discussing the Holy Spirit, as we grow closer to Pentecost.

Adults of all Ages
A study of the Gospel of Luke.  Since we have entered a new year of lectionary readings, we are looking at the whole gospel of Luke, which will be our gospel for the next year.  Luke, like the other gospel writers, has a unique perspective and understanding of Jesus' ministry, yet also shares a lot in common with Matthew and Mark.  Join us as we look at the broad picture of Luke's gospel.

265 Jackson Street
Sandusky, OH 44870