We are happy you would like to have your wedding in our church.  Weddings are special worship services we conduct for our faith community.  When possible we are glad to provide this service for members of the community at large.  Weddings are performed by permission of the church’s governing board and are done at the discretion of the minister.  Our minister will speak to you before agreeing to perform the wedding.  A guest minister may be invited to participate in the ceremony at the invitation of our minister.

It must be remembered that the wedding ceremony is first and foremost a worship service.  There is much latitude in how the service can be structured, but its religious nature cannot be changed.  Whether or not our minister conducts the service, these guidelines must be respected.  Each part of the service is to be a piece of worship for the congregation and couple.

Any photography done during the service must be unobtrusive.  In general, whether it is video or still photography, once the service is underway, it must be done from the back of the church or the balcony and must not involve flash photography.  Before and after the service the photographer has more freedom to snap pictures and to take video with lighting help.

The music selected for the service must be consistent with Christian worship.  Music selection is subject to the approval of the minister and the organist.

Floral decorations may not be attached to furniture by any permanent means.  Please use wireless ribbons instead.  Floral decorations may not obscure the cross or other church symbols, and should be tasteful.  The flowers are meant to enhance the worship space, not detract from worship.

The church building, facilities, and personnel are here for the needs of the membership
of the church and are here because of their regular support of the church.  Therefore there are different fee requirements for members and non-members.  For purposes of this document, any bride and groom who are a member of this church or the child of a member of this church may pay the fees marked under members.


  1. While on church property, all people are asked to be respectful of God’s house in language and action.
  2. Smoking is not permitted in the building.  By Ohio law, any smoking outside must be six feet from a closed door, and 20-25 feet from an open door, regardless of  weather conditions.  Please dispose of extinguished butts in an appropriate receptacle.
  3. No alcoholic beverages are allowed at any time on church property.
  4. The only candles allowed are our oil candles or your dripless candles.  
  5. No food, beverages, or any other substance are allowed in the sanctuary. Please confine eating and drinking to a kitchen or classroom where the custodian or minister indicate.  Please dispose of all trash in an appropriate manner.
  6. If you wish to toss any kind of celebratory material for the bride and groom, it is to be done outside.  No rice, birdseed, or any other material which could cause someone to slip on the steps is to be used.
  7. Any damage to the facilities caused by lack of adherence to these standards will be billed to the couple.  By signing this document, you understand that you may be assessed fees for damages if you do not leave the building in good condition.

FEE SCHEDULE                                              
The fee schedule is to be followed when the deposit is paid/when the reservation form is submitted.  If fees marked with an asterisk are not paid four weeks before the wedding, we reserve the right to cancel your reservation.  Personal fees to minister and organist are due to them in marked envelopes at the rehearsal.   The attached fee schedule is to be followed.  The date is not reserved until the deposit is paid and the reservation form is submitted.

There is a $50.00 fee for the oil if the cross candles are used.  These are wooden crosses that can be placed at the end of every third pew down the center aisle.  There is no fee for the kneeling bench.

If the church organ is to be used, the fee for non-members is $50.00.  There is no fee for members.

The honorarium for the church organist will be a minimum of $150.00 for non-members.   Our organist on staff is to be asked to play for all weddings.  If the church organist is unable to play, the honorarium is not due and the organist will assist in finding another qualified organist if that assistance is needed.  The alternate organist will establish his/her own fee.  The organ use fee still applies.  To protect the organ, the organist has the responsibility of deciding who is qualified to play the instrument.  A grand piano is also available for use.  

Custodial fees are $90 (up to six hours of service).  The custodian must be present from the time the building is to be opened, until the building is closed.  The custodian is also required to be present throughout the duration of the rehearsal.  Any extensive cleaning that is more than an hour will be billed as damages to the bride and groom.  

The minimum honorarium for the minister is $200.00 for non-members.  Members of this church are not required to pay the minister for their wedding ceremony, because this service is provided as part of the ministry of this church.  Weddings are a joy for the minister to perform and share.  Members may choose to give an honorarium to the minister, but it is not required or expected.

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